The Jameel Family & the UN SDG

Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel KBE

As we began 2020, full of optimism for a new decade, we looked back on 2019, as a year of considerable achievement, and looked forward with anticipation to the year in which we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Abdul Latif Jameel and 75 years of our family’s tradition of supporting communities around the world.

However, no-one could have foreseen how this year would change, so dramatically and so quickly – with tragic consequences for many.

Despite the uncertainties of 2020, I am proud of our people, who achieved so much again this year.  I am also humbled by the commitment and sacrifice of health workers around the world and by the pioneering work of the Jameel Institute, co-founded by Community Jameel and Imperial College London, which has been such an active and positive part of the search for a solution.

Against this backdrop, we have also seen an increased momentum and energy – possibly accelerated by the pandemic – for business, philanthropy and investment to reconsider the pivotal role they can play in progressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This global agenda, laid out in 2015, is now more relevant than ever.

I am proud of the way in which we do business, and within this, our commitment to continuous improvement and to making the world a better place for all, investing in the infrastructure of life.  Any anniversary this significant is not just about history; it is also about our future – and I believe we can play some contributing role to all seventeen SDGs, but for some we can have a more immediate and direct impact - it’s here that we place our emphasis.

We continue to invest in a range of exciting areas, from the future of mobility, renewable energy, energy storage, water projects and health-tech.  We also continue with our philanthropic efforts to make a significant difference in addressing some of mankind’s greatest challenges.

Although proud of what we have achieved, we all realize there is still an enormous task ahead - from poverty to climate change.

The UN agenda is compelling and demands action through collaboration if we are to have a positive and lasting impact.  This report offers a summary look into how our own work is making a small contribution to advancing the SDGs.


Mohammed Jameel, KBE

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Abdul Latif Jameel
Founder and Chairman, Bab Rizq Jameel
Founder and Chairman, Community Jameel Saudi
Founder and Chairman, Community Jameel